Truckee, CA.

2016 - present

Lockwood BnBnB challenges the Single-Family (Vacation) Home type, proposing a structure capable of housing one, two, three, or more families simultaneously. Three guest towers support variably linked common spaces, allowing a year-round choreography of inhabitants who effortlessly commune or retreat, creating a moment of density in a vast mountain landscape.

Lockwood BnBnB emerges from a dramatic 25-acre mountain landscape in Truckee, California. The project leverages two competing goals – (1) protection of the landscape from overdevelopment via subdivision and (2) market pressure to maximize square footage - into a strategy that bundles preservation with density to create a new hybrid typology: luxury estate / multi-occupancy guesthouse.

Three towers emerge through the evergreens, lifting a long, glass box containing the shared kitchen, fireplace, living room, and dining room above the ground, thus limiting the footprint and disturbance of the site. These towers, stacked with private bedroom and bathroom suites, form semi-autonomous units, each equipped with flexible living spaces that can be combined with or separated from the larger communal spaces. Different configurations of occupants lead to different shapes and sizes of the living areas, transformed through variations in use. An airy roof plane hovers over the glass box, forming a large semi-covered deck for a secondary level of outdoor common space.

Sited towards the property’s highest point, sweeping panoramic views draw occupants/visitors gently up through the wooded site. The masterplan proposes of a series of follies including a pool, sledding hut, camping platform, guesthouse, and garage, taking advantage of the zoning code for accessory structuresand the diversity of the terrain. The variety of spatial conditions within and around the building establishes a dramatic vacation setting for a private client, yet also encourages a continuous cycle of inhabitation and celebration of the land by a range of visitors throughout the year.

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